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Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul. Psalm 66:16

You are not saying no to me!

I was just having lunch with my wife and sister as we were pondering the question of; why people tend to choose duty and obligations above self-care. Regardless of how you would answer this, it is clear that we live a life driven by responsibilities and, sometimes, we just need to take care of them, right? It is easy to think that we- at The Goal Is Life- are all about organising retreats and filling them with as many people as we can find. If you have ever attended one of our retreats, then you would know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Honestly, the only reason why we do what we do is simply this: many years ago, we discovered the lost treasures of what the Gospel has to offer, and we have a deep desire to share that with others.


I could go on and on about the many reasons why anyone should attend one of our retreats. The life, the joy, the awareness, the meaning, or value-added can be hugely beneficial. But what if I simply say this; God wants to spend time with you and share intimate and personal things with you. He longs to be included in your everyday life and has things to say about that, about who you are and about who He is. How would you respond to that?

This is by no means meant to make you feel bad, but let me ask you this; who are you saying no to, when you chose not to attend?

Let me be transparent. It took me years to understand that I, not only needed the time and self-care, but I was denying myself growth and development with God, by not spending time with Him. I know it sounds almost too simple, right? But I truly thought, that by saying no to this kind of thing, I was making the correct choice. Choosing family, business or other social events, not realising that I was saying no to myself all along.

Please don’t misinterpret what I am trying to say here “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ” (Rom 8:1) and therefore, God will never condemn you, nor force you for that matter, because, just as there is no condemnation, there is also the freedom to choose. And as you may know, free will is also sacred to God. But freely choosing life is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. And the only way we can discover what that means is if we spend time with the one person who is life– Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Let’s be completely honest (as if I have any other options :). Who has life all figured out? I don’t. You just need to ask my family and they will gladly tell you all about my struggles. Do you have it figured out? I mean really, what do you do with the relationship challenges? Health, finances, sexuality, the battles and warfare with family or at work? Or, are you like the proverbial “duck” where everything slides right off your back? In that case, you probably need to talk to a professional counsellor. (link below:)

I am not saying that I or we have the answers, but we know who does and He is eager to share those with you. That’s the real treasure!

Imagine this, 4-days just you and like-minded people in search of life’s deeper meaning that can often be summarised into two simple questions: Who am I, really? and Who is God- really? Our promise during a retreat is that we make every effort for you to draw close to God and discover these answers for your life. We know it’s available, but the question remains, how do you respond to God’s invitation?

With Love,


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