Encounter God and become the person he sees in you.




Our retreats are meticulously crafted to unlock the abundant treasures found within the Gospel, empowering you to experience an enriched life overflowing with more restoration, more freedom, more love, and intimacy with God.

Awaken your heart


Captivating facilitates a wondrous and unparalleled encounter into the depths of a woman’s soul. Through contemporary media, heartfelt worship, beauty, and authentic real-life stories led by the TGIL-team, and intertwined with the wisdom of God’s word…

Become the man God sees in you

made for more

Embark on a transformative 4-day odyssey into the depths of the masculine soul with Made for More. Unveil the blueprint of your true design, precisely as God intended it to be…

Create shared meaning - Embrace God's love

divine romance

This unique retreat is grounded in the idea that joyful and stable relationships are built on a foundation of trust, love, and understanding, with God as your navigator. The goal is to see your marriage flourish…


campsite dzintari

The retreats are held at Campsite Dzintari, located 85 kms south of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula, near the small coastal towns of Normanville, Yankalilla and the stunning Carrickalinga Beach. The camp offers great serenity and quiet, separated from neighbours by open land, with spacious and well-maintained facilities.

Past attendee experiences

what others have said

“This weekend has been incredible. God spoke in a way that I have never experienced before. I believe this ministry is a gift and I am in awe.”
Made for More
''Since the retreat, my faith has been revitalised, and I have a newfound passion for living out God's purpose for my life.''
''The retreat provided a much-needed escape from the busyness and distractions of everyday life. I became much closer to God.''
''During this retreat, I experienced moments of deep introspection and reflection. I encountered God in ways I had never imagined.''
Made for More

Michael’s book

Hear God's Voice and become the man God sees in you.

If the gospel is intended to set us free, help us discover life, and become more than who we are right now, then why is it that many men struggle with Christianity? Why do so many good men find church so unattractive? Why can’t I as a man find my place in this life?

Michael Mavromatis The Goal Is Life

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Whether you’re curious about our retreats, or you are interested in having one of the team members speak at your church or event, we’re here to answer any questions.