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The Goal Is Life is a not-for-profit organisation and everyone involved in making this ministry work is a volunteer. No one receives an income, including the leadership.


Don’t just take our word for it

Here are a few heartfelt testimonials from men and women who have joined us at our retreats. They have graciously allowed us to share their personal stories, showcasing the transformative power of our gatherings. We humbly acknowledge that all credit and glory belong to the One who remains the ultimate source of redemption, restoration, and healing for those who earnestly pursue a life of meaning—Christ, our Savior.

This retreat was amazing. God is not distant. To call God my "papa" was truly amazing. I experienced Him intimately and I cannot go without His love and validation any more. He showed up for me in a surprisingly playful manner and I can't stop praising Him.
Great weekend with impressive personal stories. It was meaningful to have been able to journey through this with other men. Sooner or later- during the weekend, you will be deeply moved. This is something every man should experience
I can't quite explain it but no sermon, lecture, film or music will suffice. It's quite personal and you have to search to find it. You can't do this alone, you need people who can facilitate. People who pray with you and don't give up until there is a breakthrough.
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