The invitation of Christmas


My son has found a new hobby or perhaps a talent that has been laying dormant. He came home the other day with a toy “stormtrooper” and he was on a mission. He was determined to modify the toy into a customised collectable, adding textures and colours which involved all kinds of techniques including amputating the poor guy’s right arm and then restructuring the limb into a position where he can hold his laser weapon and pose as one of Josh’s favourite action heroes; Finn from the latest Star Wars instalment.

I am not sure where his desire for handiwork came from all of a sudden, but whatever it is, he is enjoying it immensely- and so am I. He is asking my advice where he still has to discover how to work with certain tools, or which methods to apply where it comes to working with different materials. He just called me this morning from our shared love for the local hardware store, to ask my advice on a few things he was about to buy for his next project. I was so pleased and felt extremely blessed that he would include me in his thought process.

As we are talking on the phone, about his new project- which is such a joy to me- I couldn’t help myself thinking about my relationship with God. I mean, if I experience joy like this with my son in these situations, how much more does God enjoy his relationship with us? How much more does He long to be included in our projects and day-to-day activities?

Christmas is just around the corner, and as we prepare for the happiest celebration of the year, I would like to encourage you to keep this thought on your hearts and mind.

This season is all about the coming of Jesus, God becoming man, so that we may experience this intimate relationship with God- our true father. If you are struggling in any way with hearing or experiencing God in your life,  then I would encourage you to try the following: Invite God into your daily routine- your decision making and all the activities surrounding this festive season. It all comes down to this simple act- inviting Him into your life.

As G. K. Chesterton famously wrote: “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult, and left untried.”

I pray that you will have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy in the activities and celebrations you will undoubtedly experience with those who are most dear to you, but moreover I pray that you will invite Christ our Lord into your festivities as He too will be filled with joy to celebrate life with you as His child.

In love,



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The idea is to meet @7 pm followed by the selected movie of the groups choice. We will provide snacks and drinks for the evening. 

What you need to know:

  • No cost
  • Home setting
  • Exclusively for attendees of Captivating 2019
  • The evening should finish around 9.30 pm

As soon as we have received the responses, we will send you an email confirmation with the selected date and location.

The evening will be held @ Landa’s home in Mitchell Park.

Count me in

Bruce Almighty

Pride & Prejudice

Bagger Vance