Gifts from our Father


A couple of weeks ago I, was listening to a podcast from Ransomed Heart on the subject; God knows what you need, in which Stasi Eldredge spoke about going away for a couple of days to spend some time with God.
And when she said that, something stirred in my heart. When I asked God what I needed, He said rest. So I discussed this with Michael, that I wanted to go away for a few days to spend some time with my Father and he instantly said yes, of course you should go.
After surfing the internet, I found a really nice looking cabin in the hills of Adelaide.
So the day came to head off to the cabin but on that day things did not go well. I felt irritated, I could not get my music installed on my iPod and iPad, it was in a constant battle with the computer. Then I thought I will bring a few movies to watch, and none of them which I wanted to see, could be played on my laptop because of the region restrictions on the laptop I brought along.
Frustration and irritation crept in, but I knew this was something the enemy would be all over, as he hates it when you spend time with your heavenly father, so I needed to take authority. I had to break some agreements and send those evil spirits packing in Jesus name.
Before I left I prayed and I consecrated those few days to God.
Once on the road, things got a lot smoother. Almost all of the traffic lights were green during the trip. When I arrived at the cabin, the room was heated and music was playing softly. Can you believe it was Hillsong playing as a welcome tune? This was such a great welcome. I love it when  God organises gifts like this.

One afternoon I was sitting in the sun and there were two beautiful blue birds enjoying themselves on the lawn and right now writing this, I am being looked at by a kookaburra.
Then there was a large herd of cows coming down the hill, towards my cabin all curious about me. And I enjoyed it so much, taking pictures of them, one of the calfs was licking my car. FunnyMichael will enjoy that one.

During the night, I could still hear the cows grazing and mooing along side the cabin, and I loved the thought of being surrounded by cows and angels.

Enjoying nature, it is truly a gift from God to His children. Nature is not only for our enjoyment, it has the power to draw us nearer to Him. It is in nature that we can let go of our day-to day routines and come closer to our Fathers heart. Every morning, I would go for a stroll with God. Talking to Him and listening for what He had for me. What a joy!

Just a few days away with God can make such a big difference to you heart, and realising that my time here was already coming to an end, is hard, because I am having such a great time.

One thing is for certain, I have made this decision to come back. Spending time with God is the best time ever, and you only realise this, once you actually spend the time with Him.

I hope my story will inspire you to do the same. God is worth your time.


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