Michael Mavromatis The Goal Is Life

Hear Gods Voice and become the man God sees in you.

The healing of the masculine soul or indeed – the lack thereof, is the one thing keeping us men from becoming who we are meant to be. And this is huge, because when you do not become that man, then the Kingdom of God is missing out on something very particular.

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When I read your book I realised the importance of real-life “a Christian life”. Your book helped me to strengthen my relationship with God, who is a Good Father. As a refugee, I have new hope to live for.
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I am thankful to you from the deepest of my heart. I really appreciate the way you wrote this book. I believe no one can get bored while reading this. This is a kind of fuel for me, I want to tell all young people about this book.
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I couldn't believe it at first, you are so honest and open. I read the book in one go and then immediately afterwards read it for the second time. I am inspired. I am signing up immediately for the next Made For More retreat, I want to experience this!

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Do not make the mistake of thinking that God is your fortuneteller. To quote John Boykin from his book Rethinking the will of God: “He does not exist to solve our problems. We exist to stand up with God and count for something in His world”.

We have a role to play in our Father’s story, the one that we are born into and is continuing to unfold as we speak, whether we choose to be a part of that story or not.

There is so much to gain, so much treasure to discover if we just choose to become the man God sees in us. The intimacy, the freedom, the restoration, the joy, oh my goodness. If we were only to fully comprehend the riches that are available to us right now, in this life. It will change the way we look at everything and absolutely transform who we are.

Author spotlight

The Goal Is Life is Michael’s first published book. He is passionate about helping others discover the true offer of the Gospel. He does this through writing, counselling others and organising retreats, in the hope that others may also discover a life in abundance.

Michael Mavromatis

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