Michael Mavromatis The Goal Is Life

A Man's Guide to the Good Life: The Complete Manual

One of the great fears we face is that despite our efforts, we will discover that we have wasted our life. This book shows you how to overcome your fears and reach your dreams

topics Covered

Your Design

What was God thinking when he made you?

The Church

Why do men struggle with the concept of church?

Healing your wounds

Understanding we sustained wounds on our journey

The Enemy

You have an enemy and he is very active in your life

Hearing God

The single most important treasure of the Gospel that has been lost to most


You have been adopted into sonship where there is real a relationship

Made For More

Discover the life you are made for, full of love, freedom and joy

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Michael Mavromatis The Goal Is Life

Author spotlight

The Goal Is Life is Michael’s first published book. He is passionate about helping others discover the true offer of the Gospel. He does this through writing, counselling others and organising retreats, in the hope that others may also discover a life in abundance.

Michael Mavromatis

Readers say

When I read your book I realised the importance of real life “a Christian life”. Your book helped me to strengthen my relationship with God, who is a Good Father. As a refugee, I have a new hope to live for.



I am thankful to you from the deepest of my heart. I really appreciate the way you wrote this book. I believe no one can get bored while reading this. This is a kind of fuel for me, I want to tell all young people about this book.

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