Overcoming Fear


Have you ever experienced that feeling of fear that it is so awful that you can’t sleep anymore? It becomes so big that it makes you physically unwell. You have a stomach ache, headache and uneasy feeling and you don’t feel safe at all. That is exactly what I experienced last week. It started with worrying about something and soon after, fear snuck in that got bigger and bigger and for nights I lay awake with worry.

Fear often starts very small, but it can grow into something that we no longer can control and then it will dominate our lives. It controls us. The world wants us to believe that we can control this fear. When we look for a solution online or through other channels we find an array of tips and techniques. Ways to deal with it, ways to manage this fear, to get it under control.

But that is not the way God would handle it. He wants you to be completely free from this. He wants to go to the very root of the problem.

Because, for example: when did that fear first come in? Because it must have started somewhere. And that may have, for example, been the moment your father left your family, the loss of a job, a congregation that fell apart or the moment someone died.

Often there has been a point in your life that has triggered that fear.

Sometimes we no longer see the trees through the forest and we focus more on the problem than on God and it becomes so big that we can no longer oversee it. And what you often see is, that all the things that you have come to believe are based mostly, on assumptions. What if. And these things keep you bound in that fear.

Sometimes we no longer see the trees through the forest

In 2 Timothy 1:7, it says that God did not give us a spirit of fear. So if it’s not from God, then where is it coming from? We can be sure that it’s not our own since we are hardly out to make ourselves feel that way.
There are only 2 kingdoms: that of God and that of Satan (Matthew 12 verse 25-27). There is no Switzerland, no neutral ground. And if you examine the text closely, you will note that it is described as a spirit of… Or in other words: it is the enemy, a demon.

So, together with God, I was able to analyse where the root cause lay and I came to the conclusion that I was looking for my safety in things, other than God. I trusted those things more than Him. Because if those things seem to fall away, then what?

Once I recognised this and saw that it was the enemy who made the “problem” much greater than it really was or rather wasn’t, that he made a mountain out of a molehill, I could deal with this spirit of fear.

My focus is back: I have put my faith in God again.

God, too, wants to tackle these kinds of things with you.

What are the things you struggle with, is it self-hatred, rejection, guilt, shame, fear or disappointment? Know then that you do not have to continue to suffer from this. God wants to help you with it so, that you can be delivered from it once and for all.

The choice is simple: living in bondage or living in the freedom that God wants for you.

What is your choice?

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