7 Reasons why a Christian should not support vaccination mandates



I am aware that this topic can be seen as contentious, confronting, foolish and even misleading. This topic can easily become an excuse for you to lash out, un-follow us or make judgements and begin an argument. I pray that this is not the case and that God will give you an open mind and open heart. Before I share my insights, I would like to preface this article with a few personal statements and how to read this article.


I do not consider myself an ‘anti-vaxxer’ neither am I anti-medicine or anti pharmaceutical organisations. I have had multiple vaccinations in my life and- as far as I can tell- they have done what they were meant to do. I have a deep respect for any health-related, medical profession and I also believe that God has blessed mankind with the knowledge to understand the human body and how we might contribute to good health, through science, medicine and understanding. In saying that, this doesn’t prevent governments, people and organisations from taking advantage of the current situation.

Conspiracy Theories

I am also not a great follower of conspiracy theories- past, present, or future. However, in my opinion, this should not result in believing everything you read, hear, and see in the mainstream media. To prove my point, just search for the topic ‘conspiracy theories that turned out to be true’ and you will find that: ‘More than 100 million Americans received a polio vaccine contaminated with a potentially cancer-causing virus’. ‘The US government tested the effects of LSD on unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens (business insider link) and ‘The FBI was spying on former Beatle John Lennon’ (link). The list of so-called conspiracy theories that have proven to be true is staggering. Nevertheless, it remains your responsibility to research if you have questions regarding this- or any other topic.

Opinions and Beliefs

We have all heard and even used this expression before: ‘I am entitled to my opinion’. To an extent, this is true. The problem we face these days is that this statement is used to spout all kinds of nonsense regarding faith, ethnicity, love, politics, gender or sex issues. These opinions are often someone’s personal beliefs and this attitude can easily become synonymous with ‘I can say and think whatever I like’. Sadly, this then feeds very much into the way people communicate on social media. Remaining uninformed on certain topics only excludes you from having a rational discussion. It is a misguided idea (in my opinion, and yes, I have done the research) that everybody is entitled to have an opinion. That is only the case if you do the research, otherwise, who is interested in hearing personal opinions?

Vaccine excludes you from the Kingdom

If you have taken the Covid-19 vaccine, then I hope this was your personal choice. One that you have prayerfully considered before doing so. And, if you did take the vaccine, you have not lost my respect, love or friendship. It is not my place or anyone’s place for that matter, to judge your choices, as this is an integral part of free will (read recent blog). By taking the vaccine, you are not forfeiting your place in the Kingdom either. If you are a follower of Christ, then you are still saved. And contrary to popular beliefs, I am convinced that this is not the mark of the beast- not yet- at least (this is a topic I hope to address in a future article). Having said all of that, I firmly believe that, as a Christian, you cannot, and should not support the mandating of vaccines. Let me explain.


Taking the vaccine, does not mean that you have forfeited your place in the Kingdom

Reason One: You are sacrificing your Freedom

Imagine for a moment that we met two years ago, and during our encounter, I would have told you that the entire world’s population would be mandated to take vaccinations to travel, eat at a local restaurant or shop in public spaces. I expect that you would have considered me foolish. If I would have added that millions of men, women, and children would also be locked in their homes for months on end, you would have laughed and called me crazy. If I had added that the governments of the world would build dedicated isolation camps to lock up a certain demographic, deemed dangerous to the general public, you would have been deeply concerned about my statements (links here, here & link here). Now, a little less than two years on, and it seems that many have lost their ability to think critically or with any sense of rationality. Currently, more than half of the world’s population (here) is dealing with some form of restriction, curfew, or lockdown. The first reason why a Christian should not support mandatory vaccinations, passports, QR-codes, or anything that restricts our freedom is that it supports a regime that is taking away precisely that: our freedom. And, although the narrative is presented to us ‘for the greater good,’ I would argue that it is heading towards a totalitarian regime. Dear reader, may I ask you this; since when have we collectively and democratically given our governments the right to implement any of these measures? And now that the line has been crossed by our leaders, it will be a lot easier for them to follow this same behaviour in the future.

Reason Two: Human Rights

In 1948, almost all regions of the world gathered to create a document that is, to this day, considered a milestone for humanity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was created to identify and universally protect fundamental human rights. This document (link) has been translated into more than 500 languages and is for all ‘members of the human family the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world’ (link). What this means is that you have certain rights. The right to live free from oppression, to choose what you do with your body, to live with choices etcetera. Supporting any mandates that go against the UDHR is not only going against human rights, but it speaks volumes about how far our governments and leaders are prepared to go, by not respecting nor adhering to the very rights that are created for our protection.

Reason Three: It goes against God’s plans for your life

This is not a difficult argument to make, and yet, many people have forgotten that God has a plan, and it is playing out as we speak. Jesus’s entire mission was to bring the message of life- life in abundance (John 10:10). Scripture warns us on the subject of slavery (1Peter 2:18). There are more than 50 verses about yoke and bondage alone (examples: 2 Peter 2:19, Matthew 11:28, Luke 4:18 etc.). And in Galatians, it says: ‘it is for freedom that Christ has set us free (Gal 5:1). Humanities beginnings (Genesis 1-3) starts with the beautiful story of creation, whereby God purposefully and intentionally creates life, the world and everything in it, including you and me. And God acknowledges that all is good. God wants you to prosper (Jerimiah 29:11) and he wants you to be safe (Proverbs 3: 5-7). It is His desire that things work for the greater good- His good means following His plans (Romans 8:28), not the greater good of those imposing measures that go against all of Gods wishes for humanity. Supporting these measures is supporting plans that God did not intend for his creation.

Reason Four: Free Will

This should be a no-brainer for every Christian. God loves you so much, that he sacrificed His only son so that you may live. Live now and for all time in the Kingdom of God- with your true father. This beautiful gift of life has cost you & me nothing, but it cost God everything. He sacrificed His only son (John 3:16), that whoever believes shall have eternal life. The only requirement on our part is that we have the freedom of choice. Without free will, you cannot decide what colour underwear you will wear tomorrow. Without free will, you cannot decide where to go on your next holiday (if you can travel) or who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Free will is the ultimate expression of love. It allows you to love who and what you desire to love. Free will was a part of God’s design for you and me. It is a crucial part of His design, because, He never wanted slaves or robots, He wants allies. God wants us to turn to Him with our hearts and acknowledge; He is God. He is our true father and Jesus is our Saviour. That is why you have free will and how you can really choose. Having your freedom of choice taken away from you, no matter the situation is going against God’s design.

Supporting these measures is going against God’s plans for His creation.

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Reason Five: You have an Enemy (and, you have been warned)

Trusting that our governments are doing the right thing, is not a bad attitude to have, but, for me, it is increasingly harder to adhere to such an attitude. History is riddled with examples of our leaders lying and abusing their authority and power. Sadly, this is nothing new. Jesus warns us of this abuse. ‘The thief comes to steal kill and destroy (John 10). These are Jesus’ words as he is teaching about the Enemy and who we are to follow in life and who we should be aware of. Specifically, the leaders who pretend to have your best interest at heart. The so-called Pharisees lie, abuse, and exploit their authority, making rules and laws to justify their actions and intentions. Jesus mentions many times that we will be persecuted (Matthew 10, 23, Luke 14, Isaiah 28), mislead and lied to.

These days, it is almost impossible to believe what we read out there. The people who once were the traditional source of trustworthy information (CNN, government, journalists, newspapers etc.) are now the ones employing “Fact-Checkers” to determine what is true or not. How does that make any sense? The latest thing is the “International Fact-Checking Network” (link), can you believe it? I must be old-school, but, if someone shares information regarding covid-19 and vaccinations, why do you need to fact-check it? How many ideas and views are out there about healthy foods and dieting? Isn’t this a topic that should be taken seriously too? Just in NSW (Sydney) alone, more than 6000 people die every year of causes relating to diabetes (link). It is estimated that 300.000 people die of obesity in the US every year (link) and more than 2.8 million in the world (link). The WHO literally call it an epidemic. I don’t see any fact-checking going on regarding what I should or should not eat, do you? The same WHO is happy to share with you that more than 8 million people die of the results of smoking every year (link). That is more than twice the number of Covid-related deaths. This has been going on for decades. Where are the measures to stop the spreading of this pandemic? The forces driving these mandates and measures are not just the people at the top. The enemy is all over this, no matter what side you stand on.

Reason Six: It is heading to the mark of the beast

There are quite a few Christians afraid to take the vaccine because they are convinced that it is the mark of the beast. Without going into great detail and with all due respect, this is false teaching. For the vaccine- or anything else to be considered the mark of the beast, you firstly need a beast (Revelation 13). And, although we are heading there quickly- where the entire world will be led by one government and one leader- this is still not the case. Also, if you believe that this is the mark of the beast, then you have also missed a very significant event in history- your return to Heaven- the rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:17, Acts 8:39, John 13:19, John 14, Luke 21, Mark 13, Revelation 3, Daniel 12). 

I am convinced that this is an unparalleled time in human history. Never before have we seen the world’s leaders unite in their actions and, at the same time, their collective silence where it comes to issues as mentioned above. And have you noticed the general position of your friend and neighbour regarding this topic? It is so loaded, right? Fear and division are the current themes. Both fruits of the Enemy. He has you believing that everyone must be vaccinated in order for yours to have the desired effect. He wants you to believe that your friends, colleagues, and family members are a threat. He wants you to adhere to a system that will decide for you- what is good and not. The Enemy wants to control where and how you will be able to interact with society. Ultimately, he wants to control everyone and be worshipped. We are not there yet, but man, don’t you see how fast things are progressing? I would like to remind you of Peter’s famous words in 1 Peter 5:8-9 

‘Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings’.


Reason Seven: Jesus is on his way

I hear the same argument from Christians all the time; ‘This is not the end, people have been saying it for years’. or ‘That’s what they said about WWII or Stalin’. And these are valid points, would it not be for the simple fact that these examples- how horrible and pervasive they were- are events that took place in isolation. And WWII was not an end, rather a new beginning because of the re-establishment of Israel. There is not a living soul on this planet who hasn’t heard of Covid-19. Everyone, in some way, has been directly or indirectly affected by this virus and the measures put in place by our leaders. And, if you think that we are going back to normal, then you will have to redefine what ‘normal’ means to you because there is nothing normal about what has occurred and what is yet to come. 

I recently heard a prominent Christian leader say; ‘If Jesus was here, he would take the vaccine’. Upon hearing that, for a split second, I didn’t know if I was to laugh or to cry. It then made me furious. This is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. I am convinced that anyone who says something that foolish has no understanding of who Jesus is or what he is capable of. Firstly, Jesus is here (past, present and future) and secondly, Jesus is The Healer (Isaha 61, Luke 4, Matthew 1, the Psalm, the prophets. I could go on and on…), are you serious? Talk about manipulation.

Did you know that more than one-third of the bible is dedicated to prophesy? Prophesy means foretelling or prediction of what will happen in the future. But it is not just any prophecy, it is Jesus revealing his plans to us- things that will happen- so that we may be prepared. God sharing this information is not to scare you, it is so that you may be encouraged- excited even. In the book of Daniel, you can read about prophecy and how God reveals deep and hidden things to those who seek him (Daniel 2:22). Saying that we cannot know the exact time when Jesus will return is true, but the wise shall be able to interpret the signs and the season (Luke 12, Matthew 16). Referring to Matthew 24:36 & Acts 1:7, where it says that only the Father knows the times and seasons, is the argument Christians love to employ as their defence. But, you need to understand that Jesus’ revelation to John happens after everything Jesus shared in the Bible. There is a chronology to Scripture you know!

Jesus is very clear about interpreting the signs when you read Matthew 24. He says, ‘Watch out that no one deceives you, You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains’. And in Luke 21: 11 Jesus says: ‘There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences (pandemics) in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

Can I ask you this; are you seeing it?

God, in His Word, has told us what’s going to happen before it happens, so when it begins to happen, non-believers will believe, and believers will look up knowing our redemption is near.

In summary, if you decide to take the vaccine or any other vaccine, then that is your personal choice to make. And no one should judge you for it. And vice-versa, should be no different. But, supporting any measure that mandates vaccines, Qr-codes, freedom passports, lockdowns and any other restrictions is going against God’s plans for your life. And that is precisely what He desires for you; life. It always has been God’s plan for you to live free, free to choose and free to love and follow God. The one who has a plan for your life.

In Love,


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  1. It is a lange topic to cover. It’s worthwhile to give the unfounded use of “conspiracy” with snarky derision, an individual articleI. As it is one of the more apparent causes for devision and a go-to for people that silence critics and destroy public discourse. The article has a clear goal and structure and it is refreshing,

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