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What side (of the lake) are you on?

We are living in a strange time and in my humble opinion, things are heating up all around us. I was reading an article just the other day with the heading; “CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION AND GENOCIDE IS WORSE NOW THAN “ANY TIME IN HISTORY” (link to the article here and the source

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What do you believe about God?

Well, it has finally happened. Our very first men’s boot camp- right here in South Australia and it was awesome. What a humbling experience to have been a part of this courageous group of men. Once again, God came and did what He always does; provide for those who are hungry

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The invitation of Christmas

My son has found a new hobby or perhaps a talent that has been laying dormant. He came home the other day with a toy “stormtrooper” and he was on a mission. He was determined to modify the toy into a customised collectable, adding textures and colours which involved all

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Father & Daughter

I think the father-child relationship is the most important in the universe. It is more important than the mother-child relationship. This is true not only for men, but also for a woman or a girl. We need to hear from our dad who we are but more importantly, we need

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Vader & Dochter

Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat de vader-kind relatie de belangrijkste is in deze wereld. Belangrijker dan de moeder-kind relatie. Dit geldt niet alleen voor mannen maar ook voor vrouwen of een meisje. We hebben het nodig om te horen van onze vader wie we zijn maar voornamelijk moeten we horen

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The Gospel Is Not Just A Word

A comedian once said this: Why is it that when we talk to God, we call it prayer, but when God speaks back, we are called schizophrenic? The first time I heard this phrase, I thought it was hilarious. Now when I read it, I find it a bit sad

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Het Evangelie Is niet Gewoon Een Woord

Een komiek zei ooit eens: Waarom is het, dat wanneer wij met God praten, wij dit gebed noemen, maar wanneer God tegen ons terug spreekt, wij schizofreen zijn? De eerste keer dat ik deze zin hoorde, vond ik deze uitspraak echt hilarisch. Nu wanneer ik het lees, vind ik het

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Have you mastered life?

Every time we open for an event-registration, I get excited. And this time is no different. The prospect of travelling to a remote location somewhere and joining a bunch of men who have a desire to know more about God and Jesus and life, gets my juices flowing. It is also

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