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Wow, how the world has changed- and our lives with it- in such a short time. It was only yesterday that we could plan a trip, travel to other states and countries and enjoy creation, family and friendships in the context of a life lived in freedom. But not anymore.

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Overcoming Fear

Have you ever experienced that feeling of fear that it is so awful that you can’t sleep anymore? It becomes so big that it makes you…

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It’s your turn

We recently organised our very first Captivating Women’s retreat here in SA and how wonderful it was. As one of the few men being allowed to participate at these retreats, I can say it is always a very special and humbling experience to see what God is doing in the

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The image above is of course just a joke, but we definitely are dealing with an adversary who is, as it is said in Revelation 12 verse 10, accusing us before our God day and night. And I can assure you that he does not utter anything positive about us.

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Het bovenstaande plaatje is natuurlijk maar een geintje, maar we hebben wel degelijk te maken met een tegenstander die ons, zoals het staat in Openbaring 12 vers 10, dag en nacht bij God beschuldigt. En dat zijn zeker geen positieve woorden die hij hiervoor gebruikt. Maar waar wij onszelf, misschien

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An Invitation to Friendship

If I bumped into you on the street or in your favourite café and asked you “how are you doing”? What would your answer be? Most likely, you would answer with a generic response, something like: “Yeah, I am good thanks, and you?” Men are really good like that, being

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If you have the chance, why would you not?

Our son is turning 21 in March and to celebrate this significant coming of age in a young man’s life, we decided to organise a father-son road trip. Just the two of us on a journey through the midwestern states of the US. Discovering old parts of the famous route 66 and also

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