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After our last weeks women’s retreat there is one word that springs forth and that is, gratitude.  Gratitude that God came through for all of his daughters. That He provided us with so many women (53) with this being, only the third time that we organised a Captivating retreat, here

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Unveiling the Heart Within.

When meeting someone for the first time, it’s safe to assume that the initial impression you have of that person might not be a full representation of their true self. This phenomenon is what I refer to as “posing.” People present an image that is a curated version of themselves

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Satan’s 8 strategies

In the realm of spiritual warfare, believers face a formidable adversary in Satan. As Christians, it is essential to understand and recognize the strategies employed by the enemy to hinder our spiritual growth and thwart our relationship with God.

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10 Bible Verses To Develop Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God is not only desirable but also necessary for a fulfilling spiritual life. It requires a deep and meaningful relationship with God that goes beyond mere knowledge of Him. In this article, we’ll look at ten Bible verses that can help you develop a closer and more intimate

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Gospel of Restoration

I recently paid a visit to the doctor for something minor and a general checkup. When I mentioned that I had been experiencing some discomfort in my chest, before I knew it, I found myself laying flat on a bed, plugged into a heart monitor, while a nurse and the

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You are not saying no to me!

I was just having lunch with my wife and sister as we were pondering the question of; why people tend to choose duty and obligations above self-care. Regardless of how you would answer this, it is clear that we live a life driven by responsibilities and, sometimes, we just need

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Forgiveness is key

  Recently I spoke to a friend who has come from a very troubled upbringing. She was born into a large family with nine children, with parents who clearly had their personal issues. My friend often struggled for basic human needs such as a sense of safety and love. As

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Toxic Masculinity in Church?

I was chatting to a young man the other day who posed a great question that could be summarised like this: Why is it so hard to find genuine, healthy masculinity within the church? After listening to his story, it was clear he was in search of more than just

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