life begins with

discovering the truth

God desires to have a personal relationship with you. The evidence in scripture is indisputable. And because He is forever the same, He longs for you to live the life that He has prepared for you. The great news is this; you can discover this wonderful truth and start living as the person he sees in you.

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Don't forget

god is a person

It was the great author A.W. Tozer who said;”we have almost forgotten that God is a person” meaning; just like any person, God loves, desires and longs to have a meaningful and conversational relationship with his loved ones

the offer

More Freedom, More Love, More Life!

The offer is life in abundance (Joh. 10:10), a life where you can experience more freedom, more love and where there is restoration available. Essential to finding this life is your relationship with God. He desires to spend quality time with you, without the distractions that are keeping you from discovering the life you are meant to live.

When you listen, you receive.

When you receive,

you discover life!

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Intimacy with God is one of the lost treasures of our age.”

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