discover the gift of life
you are created for it!


South Australia -October 2019

Made For More

A four-day journey into the masculine soul, discovering the truth about God and what he wants for you as his son.

South Australia -October 2019

Captivating Women

During a Captivating Event, you don’t have to do anything besides focus on your heart and what God wants to give you.

What does that mean, to experience more life ?

Contrary to popular belief, you can discover and experience more of the life God wants for you.

How can i find that life ?

Essential to finding that life is your relationship with God. He longs to spend time with you.


What is the offer ?

The offer is life in abundance (Joh. 10:10). This means a life where you experience more healing, freedom, restoration and love.

Michael Mavromatis

AUTHOR / Founder

Joy, Healing, Restoration and Freedom are all by-products of a life with God.